This Web site is neither a statement against the Agile approach to software development nor a declaration in favor of the Waterfall approach to software development. The "Waterfall" is intended here just as a symbol for the "non agile" approaches... and also used because it is something that you could symbolize with a nice picture.

It may however be considered as an attempt against a tendency of our profession to over-hype new approaches, to surf on the last trend without considering what was done before, to use a "all or nothing" or "your with us or against us" approach, to believe that there is something like a "big bang" change in the software development processes of large organizations.

We just think that software development projects have the best chances to succeed if you find developers and users that respect each other, use common sense, collaborate closely and communicate as often as necessary. And yes, you can also achieve positive results sequentially and in more than two weeks.

As this may sadly happen not as much as we would like to, we just try to have some distance with what is currently happening in the software development world. If this Web site is not funny enough for you... or if it is... well, in any cases we recommend that you visit also the following places for more distanced observations on the software development world. And don't take them, as this site, too seriously ;o)


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