Useful (and not so Useful) Agile (and not Agile) Links

Manifesto for Agile Software Development

The Agile Alliance

The Scrum Alliance

Waterfall Model in Wikipedia

The Spiral Model - original article (PDF file - 999kb)

Eclipse Process Framework

Software Engineering Institute - Carnegie Mellon

Waterfall 2006 Conference

Software Development Articles Directory - Approaches, Process, Methods, Techniques

Software Development Tools - Agile Section

Scrum Expert - Agile Software Development Portal

TV Agile - Agile Videos and Tutorials

Agile Voices - Agile Blogs Aggregator

Scrum Planet - Scrum Blogs Aggregator

Scrum Open Source Software

Agile Software Tools

Scrum Agile Software Project Management Articles

Continuous Integration Tools Directory

Continuous Integration Tutorials

Agile Adoption 2008 Survey Results

The Big Agile Practices Survey Report