How to keep in rhythm during project development?

Are you working in software development and cannot find a way to get used to daily tasks? Don't know how to manage your time during a large project? Would you like to start doing everything at a moderate pace and submit on time? If your answers to these questions are positive and you are one of those people who constantly procrastinate and fall out of the daily routine, we gathered a few tips for you to follow. Take your time to read them through and implement them into your daily life.

Set your goals shorter

First of all, stop planning the whole year at once. Do you have a long-term project that lasts over six months? No problem. Divide its milestones by six so that every month could have a certain goal within your project. Thus, the final project goal will not look too distant and scary. Instead, you will see that it is pretty reachable with a few steps that you need to take. Using the same logic, break your monthly goal into weekly tasks, and finally, plan your daily routine.

Celebrate small successes

Once you achieve quality interim results, be sure to praise yourself for them. Think about the reward you will grant yourself after certain accomplishments, and greet yourself with joy. Such an approach will allow you to avoid depression and feel appreciated for all the hard work you do. In the end, who knows all the effort you put in your tasks better than you?

Swallow your frog first

When it comes to a daily routine, do not postpone challenging tasks till the end of the day. If you do so now, you are likely to feel the constant pressure of the undone work and psychological fatigue. As a result, you may perceive your work as an unbearable burden that you need to carry from day to day.

To avoid such feelings and emotional burnout, move the most troublesome tasks to the beginning of your working day, and plan to have just one or two such things per day. Once you get them done, you will catch the second wind that will drive you through the rest of the day.

Try out safe relaxation substances

Finally, you have to know how to gather strength before starting to work and how to relax. If you have trouble calming down, sleeping, or just want to reduce your overall stress and anxiety levels, we advise you to make use of the best CBD cigarettes available on the market. They will help you to become more productive, calm, and enthusiastic without getting high.

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Principles behind the Waterfall Manifesto

If you want to keep your job, we strongly recommend that you follow these principles:

Your highest priority is to take no initiative for which you could be blamed. Taking no initiative at all would be even better.

Changing requirements are a pain in the ass, moreover late in development. Let it know to the customer and make him pay dearly for just thinking about change.

Do not deliver working software frequently, because this could make the customer change his mind (see above).

Business people and developers must work together as fewer times as possible throughout the project. They both have other important activities to carry to waste their precious time in meetings. Furthermore, they do not speak the same language.

Build projects around solid processes because you know that individuals are even more unreliable than software (and you know what you are talking about).

The safer method of conveying information to and within a development team is by a formal document approved by the steering committee.

Project reports and billable hours are the primary measure of progress.

Good processes promote heroes. The sponsors, developers, and users should be able to recognize that they face a difficult challenge.

Recognition of technical excellence and good design allows developers to think that they are free creative artists (and does not burden the project budget).

Complexity - the art of maximizing the amount of time needed to understand your design and code - is essential to define your value as a developer ( and to protect your job).

The best architectures, requirements and designs emerge from nowhere and should be send back there as soon as you detect them. Maintenance and evolution is where money is earned!

At regular intervals, the team should meet to eat pizzas and drink beer. It helps developers to forget that they are working in a bloody software development project and confirms that the management really cares about people. (they do not mention pizzas and beers in the other manifesto, think about it...)