Ways to Write and Inspiring Manifesto for Software Development

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Manifesto for Realistic Software Development

After participating in and observing many software development projects in recent years, we have reached the sad conclusion that there will never be better ways of developing software on this planet other than becoming a certified icagile professional. While the principles of the Manifesto for Agile Software Development may look appealing for inexperienced developers, serious professionals know that the real software development and project management world is not similar to the "Little House on the Prairie" that the Agile Manifesto wants you to believe.

Our experience has taught us to value:

  • Processes and tools to fix best practices over individuals and interactions that you cannot control
  • Comprehensive documentation to cover the asses over quality software
  • Thought contract negotiation over customer collaboration
  • Following THE initial plan over responding to change requests (see contract negotiation above)

That is, while you could be very lucky to work in a project with the items on the right (intelligent developers and customers working together, what are these agilists smoking?!?), you will never be fired for applying items on the left (or if you are, this is very unlucky or because you didn't choose IBM).